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Expert Mentorship

How often have you spent lots of time and emotional energy solving a problem in your West Coast Swing journey, only to later learn that the solution was pretty simple? Don’t you wish you had a mentor who could have shared their wisdom with you so that you could have grown faster, instead of spending lots of time learning it the hard way? Save yourself from these frustrations by receiving mentorship from top WCS experts as they share their knowledge with you through weekly live online lectures on topics that rarely get touched upon in such an in-depth manner.

Access on Demand

Don’t let the burdensome cost of flights, hotel rooms, event tickets, taking time off work, and more, stop you from educating yourself about West Coast Swing. Access top WCS experts from the comforts of your own home or where ever you are in the world, through either our live online lectures or videos that you can access after the fact. All our lectures can be watched at your own leisure which means that you never have to let conflicting events or scheduling get in the way of your learning.


Quality Instruction

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